I’m ready for Las Vegas and #ALAAC14. I have my sunscreen, business cards, Via coffee, snazzy purple pens, and too many sessions listed on my personal calendar. While I always look forward to ALA Annual, this year is especially exciting. Instead of hosting a big meeting for partners of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, I have rented a house with three marvelous woman who are also launching consulting practices. We are hosting the sold-out Happiness Delivered – Zappo’s Culture Tour and Happy Hour on Friday June 27th #ALAZap14. Then, over the weekend, we’ll offer Open Office Hours for anyone who wants to stop by. Here are the details you need to connect with us at ALA Annual:
Jamie Hollier           Anneal Inc                      @ValentineLuLu
Jen Chang               Anneal Inc                      @TheOtherJenC
Crystal Schimpf      Kixal                                @crystalschimpf
Karen Perry             ClarionCollaborative      @KarenAPerry

Got a quick question? Get a quick answer! Stop by to see us at the Networking Uncommons
Saturday    11:45 – 12:45        Anneal Inc                   Jamie
Saturday    2:30 – 3:30          Clarion Collaborative   Karen
Sunday      11:45 – 12: 45        Kixal                           Crystal
Sunday      12:30 – 2:30         Anneal Inc                  Jamie & Jen

We’re hoping that what happens in Vegas extends well beyond sin city. We hope that it’s the start of something big for Anneal, Kixal and Clarion and for our collaborations with you! See you in Las Vegas!

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