Clarion: a call to action.

Digital is reshaping everything. It is hard to imagine education, government, health, arts and entertainment, scientific discovery, and especially economic opportunity without our modern information systems.  While access to digital information creates new opportunities, it also creates new divides.  Sometimes access to computers and the internet separate people from opportunity. More often, we are limited by our skills, our imaginations, and our familiarity with tools that can be used manage information.  Clarion Collaborative helps community leaders build capacities for the digital age – capacity in libraries, in schools, in systems and in partnerships – the capacities that allow us to harness the digital revolution to connect, create and enrich our lives. With the sheer volume of information doubling every year – or faster, we need to move fast.  We need a clear call to action for our organizations and communities – a clarion call.

Clarion Collaborative call invites you embrace and manage information services in ways that are:

  • profitable and customer-centric,
  • creative and imaginative,
  • mind-expanding and interactive.
  • to deepen connections to each other and to community,
  • to generate equitable access  and contribute to a greater good.

What does it take to make this happen?  Expanding the information capacity of people and communities involves collaboration and commitment. Along the way, expect to strengthen and reshape existing partnerships and create new ones.

Please join me in welcoming a new consulting practice for information and education professionals who want to transform their organizations, use information more thoroughly, and engage in new ways.

Contact Clarion Collaborative to find out how we can be of service to your organization’s mission.

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