Ambitious projects require collaboration.  Ours is a journey of partnerships: strengthening and reshaping existing partnerships and building new ones.  Collaborators include:

Community Attributes Inc.  

Telling data rich stories about communities that are important to decision makers. Community Attributes Inc. Community Attributes brings deep expertise in public finance, economic development, public libraries related to urban and rural planning. Technical expertise includes project management; survey design; primary and secondary data collection and analysis; data visualization, mapping, and using data to tell stories. The firm’s deep subject matter expertise in the library field includes more than eight years of continual support for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation US and Global Libraries initiatives. CAI has partnered with the American Library Association and University of Maryland to provide interactive mapping of the Institute of Museums and Libraries (IMLS)-funded Digital Inclusion Survey.  Community Attributes is currently a Clarion Collaborator on a project for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Library Association to better understand and depict how libraries in the state are structured and funded. Learn more at

Fernow Logo

Fernow Consulting, LLC.

Helping teams create world-class experiences for the people they serve. As a long time consultant to the King County Library System, Lisa helped them answer the question (in KCLS’ language) “What will Library Heaven look like in 20 years and what should we do today to get there?” By conducting macro trend analysis and comprehensive patron research, Lisa and her team helped KCLS better understand the strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of their patron experience – staff interactions, service, the collection, events and programs, the physical environment, policies, and promotions – and how to evolve for the future. Building on this research, Lisa helped KCLS understand how to help patrons discover more of their collection by laying out their libraries to be browser-friendly. Lisa most recently helped KCLS train their staff on 7 core principles they can follow to curate library environments to deliver a better patron experience, building on scientific / academic learning and best practices from the most admired retailers in the US. Lisa’s passion is innovation. She’s worked with Nordstroms, PepsiCo, FritoLay and many others to connect innovation to customers and help reshape company culture.  Learn more at

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