Big shout out to Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne at Microsoft for their insightful analysis of The Top 10 Tech Issues for 2019.

Read their full analysis on Linkedin.  Here are the trends to watch according to Brad and Carol Ann:

  1. Privacy: Privacy protections deepens in Europe and spreads to the United States.
  2. Disinformation: The controversy roils social media.
  3. Protectionism in the Pacific: Tech comes between the United States and China.
  4. Digital Diplomacy: Multi-stakeholder efforts state addressing cyber-attacks.
  5. Ethical Challenges for AI: New controversies abound amidst employee activism.
  6. AI and the Economy: Concerns spread about AI and jobs.
  7. The People Side of Technology: Immigration and diversity remain front and center.
  8. Rural Broadband: Some progress amidst problems.
  9. Sovereignty, Human Rights, and the Cloud: Protecting people in a data-driven world.
  10. Tech Growth and Communities: What’s good for tech companies can challenge a community.

For my part, I’ll be focusing on promoting rural broadband and tamping down disinformation. I sure hope some of my peers are working on privacy, the ethical challenges for AI, digital diplomacy, and the people side of tech.  It’s a good list of considerations for all of us as we start 2019!

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