Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Being Practical About Mobile Learning

BYOD on iPadLove the practicality of this post. There are so many ways to fill in the gaps for students who cannot afford a device, but programs that build on existing technology investments make sense! Of course, it involves letting go of some control…

The Mobile Learner

BYOD on iPad

For years, the conversation around the integration of more and more technology in teaching and learning often revolved around the high costs associated with purchasing updated equipment and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure.  After all, if, in publicly funded education, if we are going to serve the needs of all students, we need to provide equal access to devices to all students and equal access often comes at a high price – especially when equal access means purchasing computers.

More recently, the conversation has shifted from purchasing computers to purchasing mobile devices.  Whether they are tablet computers, cell phones or media devices, as long as there were ample productivity apps available as well as usable assess to the internet through WiFi, school would be able to better afford the cost of assess to technology and provide opportunities for ’21st Century Learning’ as these devices cost a mere fraction of the price…

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